On average Qvidian customers increase their win rates by 28%, achieve a 30% reduction in RFP response time and improve productivity by 40%.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Create winning client focused proposals using intelligent automation software.

Complex selling situations require efficient and effective solutions. Using the Qvidian Proposal Automation (cloud based) software you can quickly tailor answers to the client need, without reinventing the wheel every time.

Qvidian is a  response management platform built on a powerful search engine allowing you to manage tasks, due dates and team resources centrally. The software automates your proposals and sales documents while writers see relevant content as they respond to individual questions.

Qvidian ensures that every proposal you deliver addresses the customer’s business problems and needs, recommends a solution to meet those needs, and provides evidence that you can do the job on time and on budget regardless of complexity.

On average customers who use Qvidian increase their win rates by 28% and improve productivity by 40%.

Optimise Your RFP Experience

Get out from under deadlines, focus on quality and bid more using the Qvidian Proposal Automation software.

One of the most daunting and stressful tasks is facing how to correctly respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) in such a way that there is a chance you will win the business.  

Compiling a response to an RFP is time consuming but using the Qvidian Proposal Automation software where an intuitive interface guides you through the document creation process, empowering you to spend less time writing and gathering information and more time streamlining the creation of client-focused RFPs.

The documents are personalised; they address the specific concerns of your client using relevant content and resources to help increase win rates for your business.

Businesses that use the Qvidian Proposal Automation software seamlessly facilitate competitive bidding including RFP’s, Tenders and Bids and achieve a 30% reduction in response time.

Refine Sales Execution

Set your sales team up for success by providing salespeople with automated guidance, accurate information and best sales practices tailored to any situation with anytime access from mobile devices.

Build sales team confidence by creating repeatable processes with the right resources and relevant information, to be delivered at the right time in the sales process is paramount in accelerating sales cycles and wining more business.

Sales execution software will give you the peace of mind knowing your sales team is doing all the necessary steps to win business and gain greater visibility with real time insights into sales effectiveness.

Capture New Business

Offline manual processes are time-consuming and less effective.

Using online software you can quickly arm your sales people with the most up to date content and client focused sales documents that are easy to access and allows them to deliver the right information at the right time to prospective clients.

Today’s buyer is savvier than ever. They want the right information at the right time and they expected it to be relevant and accurate. Qvidian draws on the sales person’s strength – knowledge of the client and minimises their weakness – writing skills and formatting. Increase your win rates and win more business in half the time by implementing the Qvidian Proposal Automation software.

The benefits of the Qvidian Automation Software = Efficient and Personalised Proposal and Sales Documents that WIN.

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