7 Deadly Sins

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While great proposals are not likely to win deals by themselves, bad proposals can quickly derail an opportunity.

In this free guide, we discuss the 7 Deadly Sins of Proposal Writing explaining why they cause chaos and how to avoid them. You’ll learn:

  • What questions to ask yourself before responding to any RFP
  • The most important part of any proposal
  • How to structure your document persuasively
  • How to differentiate yourself through compelling value propositions

Learn how avoiding a few “sins” can produce some heavenly results for your sales team.


2017 Proposal Automation Market Pulse

How do your peers use proposal automation software, and what are their biggest challenges associated with the RFP and proposal creation process? To find out, Qvidian recently commissioned an independent survey of proposal and RFP writers, sales operations and enablement professionals, and directors and vice presidents of sales at large companies in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Download the survey report today to learn:

  • How proposal automation is driving business value
  • What data insights respondents are applying to the process
  • Differences in how sales management and proposal writers view key challenges
  • Trends in collaboration

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Eight Best Practices

for Improving Collaboration in the Proposal Process

As the required input and attention on RFP responses increases, it is nearly impossible for one person in an organisation to take on the entire responsibility. In fact, it can sometimes take up to 20 people to complete an RFP response. The need for collaboration on proposal responses is clear. But what can companies do to ensure that collaboration is done both effectively and efficiently?

Check out Qvidian’s newest guide, Eight Best Practices for Improving Collaboration in the Proposal Process to learn more.

Just a few of the highlights:

  • How to construct a strong cross-functional team
  • Tips for streamlining and simplifying the RFP process
  • How successful collaboration can result in improved responses