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Proactive Proposals

Write effective proposals in less time. Leverage your collective knowledge and win more business using the Qvidian Proposal Automation software.

Complex selling situations require powerful solutions, you need to compel and convince before you can convert. Creating a persuasive sales proposal means tailoring every answer to a client’s every need. Getting that done, without reinventing the wheel every time, is about intelligent automation and a flexible, accessible content library.

Tacit Consulting can deploy Qvidian, the innovative proposal generation software that helps you manage and streamline your entire proposal process regardless of complexity.

Using Qvidian gives you more time, more flexibility and more opportunity to win business. Qvidian guarantees that every proposal you deliver addresses the customer’s business problems and needs, recommends a solution to meet those needs, and provides evidence that you can do the job on time and on budget. On average, Qvidian Proposal Automation customers create proactive sales proposals 40% faster and improve their win rate by 28%.

What Do Customer’s Think of Qvidian

Efficient and Effective

Complex selling situation require efficient and effective solutions.  Upland’s Qvidian Proposal Automation software offered by Tacit Consulting helps your business manage and streamlines your entire proposal process.


What good is an automation solution if it’s too complicated to use? Qvidian uses an intuitive wizard to guide you through the document creation process, selecting and assembling relevant content into a cohesive, well-structured document. Quickly search to find the content you need and assemble compelling sales documents 40% faster.  


Qvidian’s Proposal Automation software is a cloud-based hosted solution that operates on both Windows and Mac OS. The program is accessed through your browser so there’s no need to install or maintain sales proposal software. A big benefit of Qvidian is that the software is highly configurable allowing for change. You can mirror your specific sales methodology as it changes or adapt to changes in branding with ease.


Today’s buyer is savvier than ever. They expect relevant and accurate information tailored to their needs. Using the Qvidian software provided by Tacit Consulting will improve the quality of documents you deliver, empowering you to create personalised documents tailored for each unique opportunity. Edit and refine your drafts to create the most compelling and personalised sales documents possible.


No matter what your industry, business or document type; Qvidian software makes it easy to maintain a consistent look and feel. While ensuring relevant sales content is always up-to-date and every proposal, RFP response and presentation match your corporate identity.

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